We’re super excited about workshops this year.  Sara has been working all winter with interested Deep Roots alumni to develop workshops for community gardens to grow more productive gardens.

TikaRam and Narayan have been creating a workshop on how to Get More Out of Your Plot.

DataRam and Amber have been working on Extending The Season.

All four men were farmers in Bhutan before spending 20 years in refugee camps in Nepal or India.  Each have been gardening at Common Roots for the last 3-4 years.  Each grows hundreds of dollars worth of food from their Common Roots plot.

Through many conversations, we see that many community garden plots are not as productive as they could be.  Hopefully these workshops help get people growing and eating as much fresh healthy food as is possible.

The development of these workshops was enabled by the Department of Communities Culture and Heritage’s through their Support for Culture.  Also part of this project was the March 11, 2017 Pecha Kucha.