You might have seen the pollinator condo at Common Roots, near the flower farm. Here is the story behind it, written by the Young Naturalists Club of Nova Scotia.

This is taken from the Nature Canada website. Read the full post here…

“In October of 2016, the Young Naturalists Club of Nova Scotia built a pollinator hotel for the Common Roots Urban Farm with the help of the Halifax Builders Cooperative. A pollinator hotel is a structure meant to house solitary pollinators. This not only attracts them to the area the hotel is in, but also provides them with somewhere to live which helps them survive the winter.

In the Halifax area, the most common solitary pollinators are Mason Bees, Leafcutter Bees, Sweat Bees and Digger Bees. As the name suggests, these bees all live solitary lifestyles and make their own nests rather than in a hive like the Honeybees people typically think about. These solitary bees can do all the same pollinator jobs as Honeybees, but because they don’t have a hive to defend, they are much less aggressive and rarely ever sting.”