There are a few things Common Roots Urban Farm is looking for this season:  If you can help, please let us know:

  • Wheelbarrows!  Oh, we need some new wheelbarrows.  Ours our 6 years old now, with heavy use and multiple fixes, so many are wobbly.  Some new ones would be much appreciated.
  • A bike pump.  To fill up the wheelbarrow tires
  • an iPad for the farm.  (Doesn’t need to be fancy.  Only to enable Plot Wait List & email signup on the farm)
  • A large stainless water jug, or a ceramic base for the big blue water jugs.   Also, two large big blue water jugs. We need a better supply of drinking water on the farm.
  • Small white or black boards.
  • An irrigation system!  I know, but it would really really help!

If you have any of these to contribute, please let us know via