You have have seen these engineering stakes around the farm last week.  And, sometime soon, we’ll see a big machine drill 5 holes, on the farm.

The big drilling machine (like above) is doing a geologic survey, to understand where the bedrock is beneath the farm.  This is information for hospital redevelopment planning, but they are nowhere near having decided the impact to the farm.

We all know that Common Roots Urban Farm was begun as an interim land use, until the hospital expands.  The conversation about hospital redevelopment, (taking down the VG, and re-developing the Halifax Infirmary, including our site) is happening, but they are still in the planning and inventory stages.   Here is a link to the QE2 Redevelopment website, where you can see the current work being done: pre-design inventory & assessment.

I am genuinely assured that the Nova Scotia Health Authority sees that Common Roots Urban Farm is a valuable community amenity. They see how many gardeners, visitors, and community members use and love the farm – they see you and appreciate how the farm grows your health.

Common Roots is well represented on the Redevelopment Committee through Partners for Care.  We will be informed about decisions made, and our concerned will be voiced through our committee representative.

They will likely come the week of June 5th. The work should be completed by the end of the week and any damage from the equipment will be repaired immediately.

Areas where the work is being done will be cordoned off for safety reason, but the farm will be open as usual.

This is not part of construction or a reflection of the footprint of the redevelopment.  They are still very early in planning to know where the expansion will go.