This is the first in a series of blogs written by our Summer Student, Ellen. She’ll be writing here about what’s happening on the farm on a weekly basis and share stories about the other members of the farm family!

From Ellen: This past week we have started to transform the area into a real urban farm! We built an extensive number of wooden frames and on Thursday all of our nutrient filled soil finally arrived from the old Bell and Robie site due to the help from Clintar Landscaping and Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. This means that the first few plants have been put into the beds and are enjoying all the sunshine as much as we are! We also enjoyed all our lunch time visitors, from neighbouring workplaces and homes, who came to the farm to enjoy their lunches at our picnic tables.

Additionally, this past week was the first of what will be weekly work parties with participants from the MetroWorks Options program! On Thursday afternoon the group helped us prep our community beds for plotters to use. This was perfect timing as all of our soil arrived that same day. The extra hands led to a faster process of building beds, lining them with cardboard, and evenly filling them with soil. While the Options group was trying to spread the soil evenly in the 12 by 4-foot boxes one of the participants was getting frustrated trying to use a hard rake. Offering support, the group’s teacher, who happens to be totally bald, took the opportunity to explain how to properly use the rake saying, “like a comb, although I don’t have hair”. The light-hearted joke got a laugh out of the participants and created an atmosphere in which everyone felt comfortable to learn from their mistakes. We’re looking forward to future work days with the Options crew.