Written by Ellen Petrie

This past Tuesday marked a major milestone for the Common Roots Urban Farm. We were able to plant our first Market Garden bed with tomatoes, basil, and parsley. This is definitely something to celebrate because ever since January 2018 Common Roots has been working hard to ensure that their new Halifax site would be a success; and the planting of the Market beds supports that.

This excitement of planting continued on into Thursday when Farm Stewards also helped plant squash into another bed. As the rain began to pick up as we were finishing watering in the squash plants a plotter arrived to attempt to get her bee balm and strawberries into the ground. The plotter, two farm stewards and I worked together to separate the clumps of plants and put them into ground as quickly as possible. We all ended up laughing together about not needing to water in these plants with a watering can as water dripped off our raincoat hoods and into the plot.

Rain was not the only visitor to the farm this week that came in high quantities. CIBC had 20 employees come to visit and help build on Wednesday for the United Way day of Caring. This team was a major help as we were able to finish building five more forty-foot-long Market beds and move enough soil to fill ten community plots. The bank employees were thrilled to be outside lending a hand. I heard two exclaim with excitement and joy as they climbed to the top of our 7 ½ ft soil pile to loosen soil for the people below. Another women was proud of her work sledge hammering 2 by 4 stakes into the ground to support the raised beds and had a big smile on her face the whole time.

Rain or shine it amazing that we have the Common Roots BiHi site to enjoy the outdoors together in.