Written by Ellen Petrie

This week was a busy week on the Common Root BiHi Farm. Some of the finer details of becoming a booming farm site have begun to fall into place. For example, the water tanks that will be used to water the all the raised beds on site arrived on Wednesday and Thursday. These tanks will be filled in the following week and used throughout the growing season! The whiteboard used for community garden plotter’s communication have been installed on the side of the shed. This board has been updated with the hour the shed is open and when farm stewards will be on site. Educational signage was also put up around the site. The signs labeled plant in the Commons and Market beds and provided information on different aspects of gardening; including microbial life, thinning, and wildflowers. The combination of all these farm developments is creating a welcoming climate for experienced and inexperienced gardening members of the Common Root community.

We were visited by two groups this week. MetroWorks Options group came on Thursday afternoon and were able to provide a lot of help by filling the final community plots with soil. The group enjoys their visits so much that a few of the participants plan on returning to volunteer while the Options program is shut down for summer holiday in August! YMCA camps also came to visit Friday morning.  We had kids ranging in age from 4 to 12 helping us plant pumpkin transplants and green and yellow beans. The campers were enthusiastic about every task; using wheel barrows, digging holes and spreading compost. Their energy and help can be seen the plants now growing in our beds.