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We are getting ready for our 2018 workshops.  This year, we are REALLY excited to partner with Lee Valley Halifax! They provide many fabulous workshops all year round at their store, and this year will offer a selection of gardening-related workshops at Common Roots Urban Farm.
Here  is our workshop schedule for the year.  For more info, subscribe to our email list below - choose 'weekly'.
If you don't already know the glory of Lee Valley, check them out: The best tools from around the world, with honest & helpful staff that make me glad I asked questions.

Group Visits


Groups are welcome to schedule a time to visit the farm for a tour and/or volunteering.  

Usually group visits start with an introduction and tour, followed by a hands-on activity.   Group activities depend on the interest of the group and the work needed on the farm.  Usual options include: building garden beds, mulching pathways, planting, watering, weeding, harvesting, mulching, or a scavenger hunt.

The best time for group visits for us is Wednesday afternoons, or Friday mornings. 

For more information, please read the Group Visit PDF (link).

To schedule a visit, please email crurbanfarm@gmail.com or call (902) 210-4694.

Drop-In Volunteer

Want to come by and help out?   We try to integrate drop-in volunteers whenever possible.

The best time to come by between 3-6pm on any day that’s not Monday.  The Farm Stewards, who are volunteers, will be there.  Give them a hand tending the common beds.  This is a good way to get started.

If you are looking for something specific, or more information, you can drop in and talk to staff Tuesday through Friday, 9-5.  Or, email: crurbanfarm@gmail.com.

Remember to bring drinking water, closed-toe shoes, and wear approriate clothing for the weather and sun.

Can’t find anything to suffice? Send us your ideas and we’ll consider your request! We’re eager to find the perfect tasks for you!

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