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Fresh approach to age-old problem

Having recently returned from the Parabere Forum, held in Malmö, Sweden, Janine Kennedy wrote for the Chronicle Herald about food and food security titled A Fresh Approach to an Age-old Problem, (read the full article here). “Something I’ve been learning about (at...

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Growing Sense premiers on AMI -TV

In 2017, many of you might have noticed regular film crews on the farm, especially around the Rick Hansen Healing Garden area.  That was for a TV show called 'Growing Sense' an inspiring, 10-part documentary which premieres this week on AMI-tv, follows therapeutic...

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DataRam’s Story

This summer, the United Way Halifax came to Common Roots to do a photoshoot of DataRam Humagai, and tell his story. It starts like this:  "Data Ram Humangai spent nearly two decades in a refugee camp before coming to Halifax. There was no farmland or outside access on...

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