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DataRam’s Story

This summer, the United Way Halifax came to Common Roots to do a photoshoot of DataRam Humagai, and tell his story. It starts like this:  "Data Ram Humangai spent nearly two decades in a refugee camp before coming to Halifax. There was no farmland or outside access on...

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Mr Green Thumb: Amber in the Metro

"Amber Bhujel, a Nepali-Bhutanese immigrant, has been growing mustard greens, kale, and cilantro in his two handmade greenhouses during the winter at the Common Roots Urban Farm in Halifax". Nicole Gnazdowsky wrote a great article in the Halifax Metro about Amber's...

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Great Food Gardening pilot, with Niki Jabour

Niki Jabbour has created a pilot TV show!  It is a wonderfully informative and inspirational garden show, from field to fork. It profiles Common Roots Urban Farm!   The Common Roots segment starts at around 8:45, but it's definitely worth checking out the whole thing!...

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