Vegetable & Flower CSAs

UPDATE:  Our vegetable CSA’s are sold out (as of June 12, 2017).

Small flower bouquets are still available.


Pickup is after 2pm on Thursdays, starting early July.

Fresh from Common Roots Urban Farm, grown in community, for the health of our community.


Chose from the Vegetable CSA – 13 weeks of delicious vegetables, salad, and culinary herbs.  Purchasers receive $20 worth of food per week.  A $65 donation is included in this to help support our donating vegetables to people who can’t afford it.  There are only 12 of these available.


The Flower CSA comes in 2 sizes, either small or medium.  Flowers are field-grown, seasonal, and ‘pollinator-approved’.   To get a sense of the two sizes, see the photos below.



  • Taste & Quality- always fresh from the farm
  • Supports our new Canadian ‘Deep Roots’ participants in gaining Canadian work experience
  • Supports our community farm market garden program which gets fresh healthy food to a wide range of people

Thanks for your interest!


Small flower bouquets are still available.  Pickup a cute little $6 bouquet every Thursday from July 6 – September 22.

Small spring bouquet

An example of a cute little one

Medium summer bouquet

This one is on the larger side, but an example of how the medium bouquets can look