Common Roots BiHi Park

Common Roots BiHi Park was established in 2019 and is located at the bottom of Bayers Rd, across from the Bayers Road Centre.  In a short time this small, underused triangle of land has become a lively and thriving ecosystem of people, plants and creatures with community garden plots, common garden beds and market garden beds. We run community programming, skills development and educational programs and grow flowers and veggies for sale and donation.

Common Roots Woodside

Common Roots-Woodside is an urban farm situated on the grounds of the Nova Scotia Hospital, which serves mental health and addictions patients.  We use gardening as a way to promote physical, mental and environmental health.  We offer skills training and educational workshops on growing vegetables; make healthy food more accessible to hospital clients, staff and the surrounding community; do gardening programming with clients at the hospital; and create a space for growing food and flowers that’s supportive and welcoming.