Join us on the farm June 24th at 3:30 to learn about the amazing Monarch Butterfly and other pollinators! This workshop is being presented by Emma Beaton from the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute, funded by the TD Friends of the Environment fund. After a brief lecture-style lesson on the importance of pollinators, we will plant some plants key for creating a butterfly friendly garden.

Emma Beaton recently graduated from Dalhousie University with a BSc in Biology. She is an avid gardener, backyard birder, and is currently working as a summer research assistant at Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute.

As this workshop is being funded by TD Friends of the Environment fund, there is no cost to attendance (though donations would be greatly appreciated) and online registration is greatly appreciated. If you would be interested in purchasing a milkweed transfer and butterfly info kit ($10 for two plants and information) email prior to the workshop.

For more information on Monarch Butterfly protection in Nova Scotia, head to Monarch Butterfly Club on facebook.

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