There are too many reasons to love fresh, local produce! They are not only more nutritious, but also safer to consume. Long transportation and storage will reduce nutrients in fruits and vegetables, such as anti-oxidants Vitamin C and carotenes, and increases the risks of oversea contamination. Out-of-season produce is sometimes gassed or preserved in wax to extent shelf life. In addition, fresh foods are cheaper because you don’t have to pay for the travelling and handling cost of food comes from afar. Moreover, by eating more local foods, you are supporting local economy and protecting our environment by reducing energy needed to transport the food. Most of all, they are just much more tasty!

Try this seasonal hearty snack recipe with the simplest ingredients and easiest procedure. Kales get sweeter as the weather gets colder, especially curly kales, which are perfect for kale chips!

Ingredients: Fresh Kales (any kinds, preferably curly kales); Olive oil; Salt; Sugar; White sesame seeds.


  1. Preheat oven to 375°F;
  2. Remove kale leaves from the stems and tear them into bite size pieces, wash, and dry;
  3. Add generous amount of olive oil, salt and sugar to taste, and sesame seeds if desired;
  4. Mix the ingredients and bake for 10-15 mins, until the edges are brown but not burnt;
  5. Enjoy!