In April the farm and PFC hosted a public engagement session to gather information
from the farm participants and the public to determine where the farm could move and what a new farm would ideally look like.

Over 250 people attended the public engagement session April 11.

Four language translators were present to work with the large number of new Canadians. The meeting asked participants why the farm was important to them, where they would like the new home to be and what a new home would look like.

The top three suggestions for sites were: Citadel Hill, St. Pat’s site, and Halifax Common.  It is important to note that these are ideas only and that it’s not a small task to find a place. The farm has a volunteer Advisory Committee who are now looking into possible sites and meetings are underway .

We surveyed participants on a number of other variables; here are a few of key findings:

~ 78% voted to keep the farm on the peninsula
~ 27% said other locations should be considered

~ 47% said the farm should stay together in one large site
~ 53% felt it was okay to divide the farm into multiple sites

~ 62% said that if possible, it would be nice to stay close to a hospital
~ 38% said that being close to a hospital is not an important consideration for choosing a new home

~ 99% said that a gathering space was an important component of the farm
~ 79% said that a market stand was an important component of the farm

~ Accessibility via bus, walking and bike showed to be very important components
~ When we cross-referenced site location with where they lived, some said that the farm being near their home was important. Many others are willing to travel to the farm, or have the farm move to where the farmers are.

Additional survey information is available on the CRUF web site:

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