Name: Don Stoltz
Plotter since: 2013

Don grew up gardening with his father in their backyard in Southern Ontario, so when he read about Common Roots in the Chronicle Herald, he wanted to be involved, and has been a plotter for the last six years. Although a bit more challenging to grow in our cooler climate compared to Southern Ontario, his favourite things to plant are heat-loving crops like tomatoes, peppers, melons and cucumbers. Don also likes to experiment with new varieties every year, to see which ones do well here. He enjoys sharing his love of gardening with others, and regularly brings friends to his plot at Common Roots; they help with garden maintenance, and get rewarded with a share of the harvest! One Don’s favourite memories on the farm came last year, when he rescued a monarch butterfly egg from Common Roots, reared it to maturity on an artificial diet, and released the adult back at the farm. 

Don has been working at Dalhousie since 1974. In that time he designed and implemented the Department of Microbiology and Immunology Honours Degree Program, designed and implemented the introductory microbiology and immunology course, as well as lectured and ran the labs for 30 years, and served on the Medical School Admissions Committee for six years. At 77, Don is now semi-retired, but not slowing down! He still works 50% at Dal where he teaches virology, provides academic advising, and runs the Departments co-op program. In his spare time, besides gardening, Don enjoys reading, playing guitar, and travelling to the neotropics.

Written by Angie Lynch