Written by Angie Lynch


Things have been slowing down on the farm lately; days are getting shorter and cooler, and with that we’ve had less volunteers on the farm, plant growth has slowed dramatically, and even the farm growth is almost complete- only one and a half market beds to build and we are DONE! But last week we had a much needed energy boost when the Omega Pi Sorority came to volunteer on Friday. With their help we built the base for our second to last market bed, filled other market beds with soil, and harvested beans. And we got an extra morale boost from one of our youngest volunteers yet, adorable eight-month old Theo. We really put them to work, but they’re still eager to return! Learn more about the Omega Pi Sorority here.






The free food pantry is up and running, and last week we filled it with some beautiful tomatoes. Make sure to check out the pantry when you’re at the farm, we don’t want any produce to go to waste! 


We spent a little time beautifying the farm last week, with the addition of some lovely fall flowers. We’ve added Chrysanthemums, Pansies, Asters, and more Brown-eyed Susans, which look lovely in amongst our Sunflowers, Nasturtiums, and Sedum.