By Lianne Lessard

Have you ever read the famous cook book by Samin Nosrat, ‘Salt Fat Acid Heat’? It’s an incredibly helpful
book to keep in your kitchen that outlines the building blocks of a great meal. When it comes to the acid
part of this equation there are many ways you can add it to your dish; citrus juices – such as lemon or
lime – tomatoes in any form, wine, alcohols or vinegars. Vinegar, in my opinion is the best way to add a
zing to anything you’re eating, even a splash of it in a soup or stew can enhance the entire flavor profile!

When it comes to pickles though, we all know vinegar is the star. Adding some pickles to the side of a
rich, fatty dish or to take the heat out of a spicy one can make your plate more bright and heavenly.
Making pickles or preserves does require quite a bit of equipment and it takes some time but not many
people know that you can pickle things quickly and have them ready to garnish your dish in just a few
minutes! These pickles are not shelf stable and only last in the fridge for 1-2 weeks but you can also
pickle just a small amount for whatever your needs may be. I love to pickle onions or shallots to top on
salads or a burger or quick pickle some cucumbers to have on top of rich cabbage rolls or on an egg
salad sandwich. Vinegar is an incredibly healthy and versatile ingredient that packs a huge punch of
flavor at a very low cost. Try adding some quick pickles into your diet today and enjoy!

Here is a link to a quick pickle guide:
A Guide to Making Quick Pickles at Home | Crowded Kitchen

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