Cover Photograph by Carolina Andrade for Beside Magazine 2020

Yesterday CTV did an awesome segment featuring Dorcas Nkobwa and Imelde Nduwimana, and their urban gardens! Both have been gardening at Woodside for five years, growing a variety of food from home through their production plots. Originally meeting through Halifax’s immigration services after being forced to leave their home countries of Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi respectively, they immediately formed a deep connection through food and farming.

Dorcas and Imelde both experienced cultural food insecurity when they first arrived in Nova Scotia, unable to find familiar foods in the local markets. However, both being expert gardeners, they took matters into their own hands and joined Common Roots to grow food for themselves and their community. Among the plants are things like lenga-lenga (amaranth leaves), beans, squash, and African eggplant. They have also recently started a business selling their produce to the community and beyond.

“We don’t want to be selfish; we know that we are not alone. Other people also miss their cultural food, so we wanted to share with the community,” said Imelde in the CTV clip.

We are so grateful to have these amazing farmers in our community, and to have helped provide them with space to reconnect to their roots, and grow new ones.

For more on Dorcas and Imelde’s stories, check out Carolina Andrade’s beautiful article and photos for “Growing Home” for Beside Magazine last year.

CTV clip below.

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