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We are newly a part of MetroWorks and cheques can be sent there.

If you would like a charitable receipt, please let us know. 



 We do happily accept donations of tools, plants and other materials. 

Please contact us first to ensure we have good use for these at the time. 

E-mail  or call Sara at (902) 210-4694.

Donor Appreciation Wall

The Beazleys

The Beazleys


“This year for Christmas I decided to donate to another cause in your local as your Christmas present–the local Urban Farm where the QEH used to be. One day this fall I heard of a Syrian family in Halifax and how they were going to the Urban Farm, not only for food but for local socialization, and to ‘work’ there and get better integrated into the community. I thought right then that supporting the Urban Farm would be a great idea. I felt this idea fit with your values and mine/ours too. So on the web page I did not see how to directly how to sponsor a family, but they do have a way to sponsor a new plot, then I saw an even better idea on the next line below, to contribute to the food bank as well, therefore, your present is a ½ Food Bank CSA sponsorship which will help the Urban Farm and local citizens who need to go to the Food bank.”

Note: the photo above is of Mustafa and Khaled, recently arrived from Damascus, Syria.  Khaled is a horticulturalist by trade. He worked at Common Roots in 2016, often bringing his son to pass on skills and spend time together.

ISANS Social Worker

ISANS Social Worker


“I have witnessed the positive impact that this program has on our clients. For the last two years I have been providing support to a client who has been dealing with many different challenges that have affected her normal functioning. In the last month her self-esteem and perspective of life has transformed radically because she feels productive, useful and has gained hope that her life can be better. She is very enthusiastic about learning and is committed to work hard in her English program besides her participation at the garden. For the first time in her life, she feels that she can learn English which was a huge struggle because of her feelings of powerless.


Thank you very much for putting in place this program for our clients and hope it continues and expands to reach out more immigrants.”

Danny Graham

Danny Graham


“Thank you for making this a reality. It singularly makes me hopeful for our part of the world, at a time when too many are feeling hopeless. 


Your harvest hootenanny 2016 was another hootenanny for the ages. It was more than a community event. It embodied the deepest sense of “communion” in the word community – the best of what we we can be and do as Haligonians, Nova Scotians and humans. Young and young-at-heart, new and new-at-heart to Nova Scotia – dancing, singing and pumpkin smashing in celebration to what Mother Earth can provide and what we can be thankful for. Sitting in the yurt, with my son, Patrick on my lap, it was like we were all together – that there was no separation between performers and audience. We are all being transported by the singers, drummers and dancers (planned and unplanned). Outside, we watched the climax of what an urban garden can mean to a city.”