The Quinpool Business Association is partnering with Common Roots Urban Farm to design and maintain 10 clusters of planters along the street.  Because we have such a long Wait List for plots at Common Roots, the Quinpool Business Association is reaching out to see if these planter clusters can meet this need.

We’re looking for 10 volunteers who want to get their hands dirty to tend them.  On June 12th, we’ll mix up a healthy organic soil for the pots, then plant them with food and flowers, with design help from HRM Public Gardens.  We’ll place a large plant order, so you’ll have a gorgeous start.   There will be a second plant order for the fall, so you get a free re-fresh.   There will be space left for gardeners to select their own plants.

If you are interested in adopting a cluster of planters along Quinpool, please email  or call (902) 441-4288 for more information.