Check our new canvas bags! They’re pretty cute, and they have a good story.  They’ve been touched by many loving hands along the way.

Last fall, we were lucky to get a small grant from Credit Union Atlantic through their Community Investment Grant Program. We wanted to make some nice merchandise to fundraise for the farm, and this grant allowed us the start-up cost.

Over the winter, we worked with Cam at Rarebird, and a Digital Skills Intern – Erin Robison, to create designs for bags and tea towels.  Erin made some really great art for us: We chose our favourite 3 for printing on the bags.

(This one didn’t quite make the cut, but cute hey?)

To make the bags, we heard about Atlantic Bag Manufacturers, a division of the Prescott Group, which is a social enterprise in the north end of Halifax.  They work to enhance the independence of adults with intellectual disabilities.  And, they make good, strong bags. Then screen print them.  The bags look and feel great.

These bags are available at our on-farm market stand Tuesday through Thursday 11:30 – 5:30.  More info here.

You can also buy online here, then come to the farm Thursday afternoons for pickup.

You can also get them in the Halifax Infirmary Gift Shop, just inside the Robie Street entrance, or at Props Floral Design in the Hydrostone.