Pretty in love with these tea towels, won’t deny it!

Last fall, we were lucky to get a small grant from Credit Union Atlantic through their Community Investment Grant Program. We wanted to make some nice merchandise for the farm, and this allowed us the start-up cost.

Over the winter, we worked with Cam at Rarebird, and a Digital Skills Intern – Erin Robison, to create designs merchandise.  Anna Ramsey had created these veggie prints for us a few years back, and agreed they’d make a pretty cute tea towel!

To get the tea towels made, we asked around to see if there was a local social enterprise who could make them for us.  Common Good Solutions directed us to  ACICC, the African Community Investment Cooperative of Canada, in Spryfield.  They’ve amazing, and do tonnes of stuff including  running a sewing program for women to learn sewing skills, and were happy to accept small contract to make 100% natural cotton tea towels for us.  A group of women worked & learned together, and made 100 simple and lovely tea towels.

We got them screen printed at Fresh Prints Halifax, on Agricola Street, Halifax.  Those guys hustled for us, were super sweet, and the final print looks so stylish.

What we have now is a super soft, and pretty tea towel, that will last a long time.  By buying it you’re supporting a community farm that is beloved place of hundreds of Haligonians.  And, it supported the ACICC and the women who sewed them.  That’s pretty good for a tea towel!

So, the Community Investment Grant from CUA went a lot of places!  It allowed us to support a number of social enterprises and local businesses  in town, in order to grow our own business.   Now we have these high quality and good-looking bags and tea towels for sale.

You can buy them at our on-farm market stand Tuesday through Thursday, 11:30 – 5:30.  Or, you can buy them online here, and pick them up on Thursdays.  All the details here.