Do you ever keep an ear out when you’re walking around the farm? Dan Ritchie does.

Dan is a DJ and recorded samples from all around the farm to present a workshop on audio place making.

Dan writes:

Place making is a concept relating to the reinvention and repurposing of public spaces. The Common Roots acts as a multifaceted space in our community. I’ve looked at the Common Roots as a space that offers the public a sense of belonging.

Beyond creating healthy, local food, the Common Roots has been a place for music and other sounds. I wanted to see if I could use the space to bring artists and musicians together to capture unique sounds.

On July 23rd I ran a workshop that involved taking hand held audio recorders into the Farm. The main outcome for this workshop was to use technology to experience a natural setting and rely on senses beyond sight. Over 80 unique sounds were collected through various spots on the Farm. It was a great to experience Common Roots as a space full of natural sounds. All of these sounds can be used for video, radio and music productions. My personal background is in audio production so I have built a “drum kit” out of these sounds.

Whether it was recording running water, rattling chains or bird songs, these natural sounds add an organic touch to music production. I think workshops like these have the potential to make us more aware of our surroundings and rely on other senses. I am definitely seeking to create more networking and workshop opportunities in the near future.

Here’s a track that Dan made using the samples he collected from around the Farm.

If you’re interested in making your own track from these sounds, Dan has graciously made the samples available. Download them here: