We’re going to stretch ourselves this year, and participate in the ScotiaBank BlueNose Marathon!  We’re looking for runners and walkers to join our  fundraising team on Blue Nose race weekend!  Choose the 5k, 10k, 15k, Half or Full Marathon distance.  We’d love your help keeping fit, building community, and raising funds for Common Roots Urban Farm!

Click here to join the Running Rootsers!

This year is a big year for Common Roots:  We have to move!  No matter how many wheelbarrows we have, moving is going to be an expense that we need to fundraise for!  The BlueNose marathon is a fabulous & fun way to do it. 

Whether you’re a runner or a walker, we’d love to have you join us. We offer race fee subsidies (see below), prizes for those who meet their fundraising goals, and team support.  Everyone is welcome!

Blue Nose Weekend is May 18th-20th, 2018.

See below for more details including prizes, how to sign up, how the fundraising works, and the support we can offer.


Prizes:  Some local massage therapists have donated massages!  There will be a prize for greatest $ value raised, highest # of pledges, person who has taken on the biggest challenge, and the person who had the most laughs!

Thanks to Georgia Shurman RMT, (others to be added once confirmed).

How to sign up: Please fill out the registration form here, if you want to take the 13 pledge challenge, then send $25 to us through the payment option of your choice (options and paypal button below).  As a Running Rootser, you can run or walk any of the available distances: 5K, 10K, 15K, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon. Your donations can be any amount.

Alternatively, you can choose to join the team as an independent runner, set your own fundraising goals, and pay your own fees. If this option is more your style, you can register for the race on the main Blue Nose website and choose Common Roots Urban Farm as the charity of your choice.

Payment options:  Here is a paypal button for paying your $25 registration fee, for those who have taken our 13 pledge challenge.

A cheque for $25 can be mailed to Partners for Care, with a note saying #Bluenose.
Centennial Building – Room 026A
1276 South Park Street
Halifax, NS B3H 2Y9

If you’d prefer to pay using cash, please get in touch through the website or mailing urbanfarmers@partnersforcare.ca

How the fundraising works:  You’ll be provided with a form to accept pledges.  There is a paper form that you can use for offline donations, or a link that you can send to people for them to pay directly online.

We know that for many, fundraising is the hard part!  If you want, we’ll check in with you regularly to see if we can offer any support to you to help reach your goal.

Support offered:  As this is our first year, we’re building our capacity to be supportive.  We’ll check in with people to see what support you need, and do our best to give that.

The farm staff are going to attempt the 15k walk this year.  This is a loop on May 20th: “You’ll swing through the vibrant streets of Halifax’s north end, up and over the Macdonald bridge, along the coast of beautiful Dartmouth, back over the bridge where you’ll finish in front of the glorious Halifax Citadel National Historic site.”

On Saturday May 5th (to be confirmed) we’ll meet up to do a trial walk of the route.

Click here to join the Running Rootsers!