Written by Ellen Petrie

Despite the rainy day on Thursday this week was bustling at Common Roots Urban Farm BiHi! Our Farm Steward volunteers were on the farm Tuesday and the MetroWorks Options group once again came over to lend a hand on Thursday.

My favourite event this week was the last spring workshop. It was a tincture making workshop hosted by Tina Oh on Wednesday night! There was an awesome mixture of Nepali, Arabic and English speakers all learning about the soothing and healing properties of herbs together. Everyone seemed to enjoy the workshop so much that after the allotted hour was over there was a rush to see Tina and take extra herbs home to make even more tinctures at a later date.

There was also a big Work Party held Saturday that brought people together. We had close to fifty people come to help build massive 2.5ft by 40ft market beds, disassemble beds from the old Bell and Robie site, and fill community plots with soil. Everyone who came to lend a hand were able to enjoy a delicious lunch made in MetroWorks’ social enterprise kitchen. This gave all the volunteers, plotters, kids, staff, and even the good boy Trooper (a plotter’s dog), a chance to chat and connect through what brought everyone together that day. Another exciting benchmark of the growing season occurred shortly after the work party when long-time Common Roots community member Bonita became the first plotter to plant when she placed her strawberries into her bed. The community atmosphere of the BiHi site is growing every day, just like Bonita’s strawberries and the rest of our plants.