Written by Ellen Petrie

As the hot weather hit Common Roots BiHi we were just as busy as ever. This week the last commons bed was constructed and filled, and our precious hazelnut bush finally put its roots in the ground. In addition to our Hazelnut many other plants have been put into the ground including jalapeno, raspberry, geranium, sunflower and many more.

On Wednesday the last load of timber needed to finish our raised beds arrived, marking the beginning of the end of the construction period of the site. On Friday morning we were joined at the farm by an HRM camp group focusing on leadership. Ten girls helped us build a 40ft by 2.5ft Market bed, move soil into Market beds, prep the soil for planting, and plant jalapenos. The skill and work ethic the girls showed was amazing as the team helping me construct the Market bed were better at sledge hammering and using a drill than I am! Although seemingly naturals at carpentry when it came to planting the girls learned about the importance of mixing in compost and amendment into the beds and proper spacing of plants.

On Thursday afternoon the MetroWorks Options group came once again. They too learned the intricacy of planting as they put their own plants into their plot. One of the MetroWorks members had experience in gardening and was explaining the spatial and nutritional needs of certain plants to the Options group. It was amazing to see this transfer of knowledge amongst group members in the MetroWorks party and between farm staff and the HRM camp girls.