Written by Ellen Petrie

Despite the rainy and grey weather on the farm this past week there was still a lot happening. Due to rain we had a handful of groups postpone their visit to the farm to a later date which gave us an opportunity to tackle some of the smaller tasks that needed to be accomplished. The tomato plants in the market garden have gotten so big that they needed to be tied up and our heavy feeding plants, such as pumpkin, squash, and peppers, needed to another feeding so they can get even bigger. Additionally, we built another 2.5 feet by 40 feet market bed from scratch on Thursday. This was an exciting development because it was the first bed made without the direct assistance of a carpenter, and it is just as gorgeous as the beds made previously! Unfortunately, we also discovered that the basil we have been growing in our market beds have downy mildew and are beyond saving. Since finding the disease in the garden we’ve learned that the basil plants we had planted were infected with the disease. This incident speaks to the unpredictable ailments that can befall plants that we grow and offers an opportunity to learn to roll with the punches.

This past week was the last week that this set of YMCA campers will have been at the Farm. While we are sad to see them go, we received a lot of good feedback and was told by one of the campers that coming to the Farm was his favourite activity to do at the camp and that he looks forward to it all week. This makes us excited to welcome a new crew of campers this coming Friday so as many kids as possible get an opportunity to enjoy getting to grow things with their own two hands.