Written by Ellen Petrie

This week the Farm was busy despite the heat wave we have been enduring. We have been able to make as many Market beds as stakes would allow. On Tuesday afternoon we had many hands help us fill those forty-foot-long Market beds. YMCA’s Youth Outreach Program came and not only moved soil but also helped us water our beds and build yet another Market bed. During their visit a handful of youth were particularly excited about using the drill and the sledgehammer while building the bed. One person was so eager to have a go with the sledgehammer he almost took it right out of my hands! In the end and entire bed and a half were filled which is a huge for the regular staff of the farm.

Miscellaneous items were tidied from behind the shed this week as well. Some items were put on the Facebook market place and picked up. These included extra shade cloths, burlap sacks, vases, and a trunk. We hope that these items will go on to a new garden and be re-used and loved. We also reorganized plastic pots that we can once again reuse to grow seedlings in for next season. The goal is to reduce our consumption footprint as much as possible by reusing and recycling.

On Thursday evening and Friday morning we set ourselves up to have another productive week following the long weekend. On Thursday two Market beds were composted and amended; just waiting to be planted with some Fall peas and perennial flowers. And on Friday MetroWork’s Dan came to the site to cut more stakes for us to continue the building of beds. The infrastructure of the farm is thriving and growing in the mid-summer heat, just like the plants it’s hosting.