Have you ever heard of the ‘Florida Weave’? It’s actually an effective method of trellising (staking) tomatoes if you plant your tomatoes side by side in rows. With the Florida Weave, the idea is to “sandwich” your plants between lengths of twine. The twine gently holds up the plants without the need for additional stakes and clips.  If you want a cheap and easy way to trellis your tomatoes (even the unwieldy indeterminate plants), forget cages. The Florida Weave method goes up fast and uses everyday supplies you might already have around the yard – all you need are wooden stakes & some twine! This is the same technique most farmers use!

Ideally, you start trellising tomato plants when they’re under 2 feet tall and easier to manage. Larger plants become unruly and difficult to weave around the branches. You also run the risk of driving stakes into the roots of more established plants. So, start early with this system. 

Pictured above you can see Woodside Farm Coordinator, Hillary, & Farm Assistant, Tanisha, working together to create a ‘Florida Weave’ for their young tomato plants. Thanks to Anna Wansbrough Photography for the awesome image! Anna is a Freelance Photographer working out of Dartmouth & graciously volunteers her time on the farm to take beautiful photos for us! ❤

You can find more of her work on her website:


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