Do you think its important that food bank users get healthy produce? We do, but we need support to do so.

So far this year we have received $1100 in donations to support our donation of healthy food to the Parker Street Food Bank.  Thanks to the Halifax Partnership, Football Nova Scotia through Clockwork Communications, and Jennifer Gray for their support.

Every year, we aim to get $4000 worth of food  (about 1000lbs) to people who really can’t afford to buy fresh healthy food, even though they know they need it, and want it.  But, we don’t produce a surplus yet (not in veg or $): we still need to earn every penny we can (being a farm – not a lucrative industry! – and a community project – meaning we lose efficiency to being helpful).  If the community supports us getting food the food bank, we will.  Without that support, we will sell it to our many wonderful wholesale customers, to help pay our operating costs.

If you think getting healthy food to the Parker Street Food Bank is important, please consider donating to Common Roots through the Food Bank CSA program. We accept donations from $20 up. For $500 you get a name engraved in wood and posted on the farm.  If not you, feel free to send this link along to others who might be interested.